Mice Pest Control

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Mice Pest Control

About Mice

Mice in your home property or business can be quite stressful. They can spread disease, cause damage, particularly in food areas.
The constant gnawing can cause serious damage to pipes insulation floorboards insulation in cavities as they shred items to make nesting materials, they can also cause damage that can be very dangerous by chewing through electrical cables in premises and also cause untold amounts of damage to stored vehicles and electrical equipment in garages workshops etc.


Mice in Home


In a domestic household, they can contaminate food stocks in kitchens and store rooms when they gain entry, causing a serious risk to health with their constant fouling and urinating, especially considering they have probably crawled through countless amounts of dirt and germ-laden areas on their way into your property in the first place. Unfortunately, they can also bring with them other disease carrying insects like ticks fleas and mites etc.

  • They can be quite noisy when in the loft or banging around inside cupboards in the kitchen late at night. I have often turned up at the customer’s property with them thinking they have rats because of the loud noise in the loft to discover it’s mice.
  • The mouse’s ability to get anywhere because of its flexible skeleton allows them to disappear under doors and escape down the side of radiator pipes etc with just the smallest of gaps needed for them to access your property.
  • Unlike rats, mice are quite inquisitive little creatures, they will explore everything and get into every little item in your cupboard. Searching for food or nesting materials.
  • They can breed very quickly, having between 7-8 litters of young per year depending on the environment and climate etc.
  • Before you know it you may have a serious infestation on your hands. This is when it’s time to call professional pest control.
  • You may have tried your own methods first with the shop bought traps or sonic repellents electronic gadgets etc. But when these items fail as they often do it’s time to start using professional grade rodenticides after all other methods may have been attempted to eradicate the problem.

Afterwards, when the problem is solved it’s time to start proofing up the building to stop rodents from gaining any access in the future.


Signs of Mice

Signs you may have an infestation of mice and things to look out for include…

  • Droppings and urine in cupboards or under kitchen plinths etc, check your old tins in cupboards for rusty patches on the top, this could be from urine?
  • A strong smell of an ammonia-like substance.
  • Noise from chewing gnawing and fighting etc late at night.
  • Greasy marks in backs of cupboards and areas where they are travelling etc.

If you suspect you may have a problem with mice or any other rodents in your property. Please don’t hesitate to call South Yorkshire Pest Control any time for a free no obligation consultation.

Before any work or any treatments are carried out a thorough site assessment would need to be done with the owner-occupier of property business etc present. We can then work together to achieve an acceptable and affordable resolution to any type of infestation of pests.

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