Fleas Pest Control

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Fleas Pest Control
As soon as the word fleas are spoken, people start itching and scratching themselves. It’s an immediate reaction we all have at the mere mention of the word fleas.
Fleas can find their way into our homes in many ways, usually, on board our pet dog or cat, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. also on many of the wild animals that may visit our gardens or premises etc., foxes, rabbits, rats can all possibly transfer fleas onto areas our pets may visit.
Unfortunately, once they are on your pet they usually end up in your home.
Fleas will lay their eggs on your pet’s body.But they won’t all stay there; some will eventually fall off and become hidden in your carpets, soft furnishings around the house even falling between the floorboards and under skirtings etc.
They’re the problem lies because the cocooned eggs can remain dormant for up to 2 years. They will only hatch when conditions are perfect for them. The eggs are tiny approx 0.5mm long, oval-shaped and white. They are very tricky to see against rough surfaces like carpets, pets bedding, rugs soft furnishings around the house.
Example: after feeding on its host IE your dog or cat a female flea can lay between 25 to 40 eggs a day.  A single flea can produce up to 2000 eggs in its lifetime.
A typical fleas lifespan can be anything between two weeks up to 8 months.

There are lots of DIY products out there on the market for you to treat your home and your pets.
But if fleas are reoccurring and you cannot break the cycle.
It’s time to call professional.

Here at South Yorkshire Pest Control, we have the latest professional insecticides to deal safely with the problem in your home or your business premises.

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