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I Think I’ve Got Bed Bugs, What Should I Do?

Here at South Yorkshire pest control. We are fully equipped to deal with any infestation of bedbugs.
Many people have at some point suffered from bedbugs maybe from a holiday abroad, or a Hotel night away, you may have stayed away for a weekend somewhere new and inadvertently brought back home with you some very unwelcome guests.

Bedbugs are on the increase in the UK in all major cities.

The increase in foreign travel, The sales of secondhand furniture is soaring.reductions in chemicals available to combat these infestations are becoming increasingly less potent.

All these things add up to make perfect environments for bugs to breed.
Bedbugs can go unnoticed for a long time as some people show little or no signs of bites. Whereas some people can have severe reactions to bites, is causing swellings and welts on the skin and rather unpleasant itchiness. A bedbug preferred host is human but they will also feed on dogs cats.

Bedbugs are very small wingless creatures about 5 to 7 mm when fully grown. They are flat in shape and can easily hide in cracks and crevices in harbouring areas.

Most house owners would be amazed at where they can actually hide, But that’s where professional pest controller is required to find these places and eliminate the breeding females.

Bed Bugs Treatments Available

Fully qualified to deal with bedbugs. The first point of call will be a site assessment to assess the infestation level. If the infestation is restricted to one single room I suggest not removing any items of bedding or mattress from that room as you are likely to spread the bedbugs eggs and nymphs around your home.
General hygiene and cleaning of a floor are required and all clothing soft washable furnishings bagged up and washed at 60 degrees or frozen. Empty Hoover bag into black sack and seal before dumping etc
We can then do a spray treatment with the growth inhibitor hormones to prevent the development of nymphs etc.

This is then followed up with monitoring traps and repeated visits alternating different chemicals in order to eliminate all growth stages of the bedbugs.
We can also offer alternative treatments using non-chemical methods which are obviously less harmful to the environment and occupants of the property. These include organic powders etc you can also include deep heat treatments for the contents of the house and also for each individually infested room. These types of treatments are not cheap but are very effective as they eliminate all stages of growth including eggs.
Please feel free to call anytime for some further advice as not every situation is the same. It is always advisable to have a site assessment before really establishing the level of infestation for any pest.
Often if caught early enough everything is easily solved.

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