Ants Pest Control

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Ants Pest Control
At some point in time, we have all had experience with Ants. Maybe in our property or garden. Maybe while on holiday?
We have often reached for the DIY treatments that can sometimes be enough to solve a minor infestation. But more often than not they come back repeatedly until a more thorough and professional treatment is implemented. Ants can become a serious problem once they gain access to your property.
Flying Ants often cause serious concern especially if they emerge inside your property. Usually, happens in the mid to late summer months, and They appear in large numbers of Drones (male workers) and new Queens.They then mate while in flight and afterwards, the males die to leave the queens to land, shed their wings and find a suitable new site to start a new nest.
Garden Ants or Black Ants are the ones we tend to see most often around our properties, while they cause no risk to health they often cause a nuisance and damage while on their way in or out of properties and often ruin food stocks and stored items etc.A typical queen from one of these colonies can live up to 15 years.
There are many other species of Ants Like the Pharo and Ghost Ants, Carpenter Ants.
South Yorkshire Pest Control can deal with any Ant infestation in/on your property using the latest industry tried and tested professional grade insecticides.We can also use organic none chemical treatments for sensitive areas requiring a safe, eco-friendly approach etc. Kitchens, Canteens, Food prep areas etc. can all be safely treated with the latest products. Guaranteeing treatment success.
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