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rats pest control

Emergency Call Outs

24/7 If you have a problem with a Rat inside your house, Maybe trapped in a room etc. I will do my best to respond immediately and resolve the situation.

Advice On Proofing

On-site assessment and advice on how best to rodent proof your property, home or business premises.


For a small business to industrial developments, schools, government secure buildings, Factories and waste sites. Farms, Estates rural centres etc. Experienced and fully qualified to resolve and maintain a high level of expertise in keeping your property Rodent free.

About Rats

At some point in our life we have all come into contact with some form of rodents, be it rats mice in the house in the shed garage garden etc. We often see them in our towns and cities late at night scurrying around the littered streets and rubbish bins taking advantage of what we have left and wasted.

I wish I had a single pound for every time I have heard the saying you’re never more than 5 foot away from the rat. Well, sometimes I wish that was true because I would be a millionaire with all the work. But this is not the case in reality, yes there are a lot of rats around but most of us never have to deal with them in our environment. Unfortunately, sometimes our paths cross and we have to do something to eliminate potential causes of disease harmful to humans, pets and livestock.

Disease and Rats

Apart from the obvious one’s Listeria, Salmonella, E-Coli and also a very nasty one called Weil’s disease or Leptospirosis, which can in some cases be fatal to human health. These can be spread via droppings and urine, bites and skin contact with contaminated materials, especially water containers that may have been urinated in etc which are often found in the gardens of many householders.

There are many problems caused by an infestation of rats in your property. Apart from the Human health hazards. There is also the problem of rats having an insatiable appetite to chew on anything they get their teeth into sometimes this can be your aerial wire your Internet cables your electrical cables, sometimes water pipes the list is endless usually by the time a person realises they have a problem, It’s because something actually has been chewed or damaged maybe in the loft or in the kitchen behind the cupboards under the pipework’s, Unfortunately, once the rat has found a good source of food in somebody’s house they will often come back and continue until something is done to stop them. The first thing is to deal with the problem. Then remove the possibility of any further infestations by proofing the building and maybe making improvements in waste management, removing food sources stopping the rodents from having or wanting access in the future.

Rats Breeding

Rats breed at an astonishing rate, females can breed their first litter from as young as four months old, the size of these letters can be anything from 4 to 12 young. The size of a colony can increase very quickly when there is a reliable regular food source available. This can and often does come into our gardens via the bird food table which often is the first point of call for a visitation from a young rat leaving his colony in search of new territory. Rats can and often do travel up to 500m from their Colonies in search of food. So often they will pass through your garden going maybe to another garden where somebody is feeding birds regularly.I often find multiple properties in what I call bird table wars, where people seem to compete with each other to see who can feed the birds the most and get the most birds on their tables. I often have to say the words without being offensive if possible “If you’re feeding the birds you’re probably feeding rats at some point”. There are many reasons rodents may come into contact with our existence alongside them but the more we do to prevent these occurrences the better for everybody and the environment.

More about Rats

Rats are very intelligent creatures and sometimes they can be quite difficult to control, many times I visit a customer’s property to find that they have spent lots of money on electronics and various deterrent devices, live traps, sonic repellent devices etc, The list is endless what can be found on the Internet guaranteeing to solve problems etc.

More often than not these items are very ineffective at dealing with a serious infestation of any type of rodents especially rats.

Also, rats are what is known as ” Neophobic ” which is an inbuilt fear of any new objects that may appear in their environment. So sometimes it can be very difficult to get a quick uptake on Rodenticide baits or traps with the rats especially when there is another food source available nearby. Unlike mice what are very inquisitive little creatures which are often their downfall.

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